What is the Best Kitchen Cabinet Brand?

Just in time for your kitchen renovation, there are a number of great kitchen cabinet brands to choose from. American Woodmark, tied with KraftMaid for second place in J. D. Power Report options, is available at Home Depot and offers more than 15 different collections that fit more than a dozen different design styles.

Thomasville, which came in third in terms of customer satisfaction, also offers options at Home Depot. The brand has been manufacturing cabinets since 1904 and offers a large number of styles to choose from. In addition, Thomasville is committed to sustainability and uses environmentally friendly materials. Waterworks is best known for its classic American bathroom accessories, but the brand has also expanded to kitchens and created a complete line of cabinets with four collections and a variety of color options.

Charles is associated with luxury and recently launched its first pre-designed kitchen models that can be adapted to individual customers. Plain English is an iconic and beloved English brand that was finally launched two years ago in the United States and is known for its bold, rich colors. All of Plain English's cabinets are traditionally handmade. When it comes to choosing the best kitchen cabinet brand for your home, there are a few things to consider.

Pre-assembled cabinets have everything attached and included as is, making them a simple solution for homeowners who want to quickly change cabinets. Kraftmaid is a custom cabinet builder that takes pride in building cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom of homes, offering innovative ideas such as removable modules and storage ideas. Home Depot also offers semi-custom cabinets or pre-assembled cabinets that are ready to install. IKEA's SEKTION kitchen cabinet system has achieved a high level of customer satisfaction due to its wide range of appliances and functions, as well as its 3D kitchen planner.

Porcelanosa is a kitchen furniture manufacturer known for its innovative European-style kitchen cabinets with more than 300 showrooms around the world. Lastly, KraftMaid is a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer in the United States that specializes in semi-custom cabinets with 100 door styles, 37 finishes and 14 pieces of wood available.

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