What is the Most Durable Type of Kitchen Cabinet?

Possibly the most durable material for kitchen cabinets, hardwood is solid wood. Some types of hardwood, such as walnut or maple, are more resistant to scratches and dents than soft wood species, such as walnut and mahogany. However, the first one will cost more because of the durability and overall quality. Simone highlights: “Solid wood doors made of maple, oak or cherry are commonly used for tinted doors, where the natural beauty of the wood grain is enhanced and protected by a professionally applied finish.

Cabinets built with solid wood are beautiful, but they can be incredibly expensive depending on the wood species. Many framed cabinets are made of wood or a combination of wood and wood products for a durable interior but an exterior that can be painted. Solid wood cabinets are often used in luxury kitchens with solid wood doors to bring color and grain from the outside to the inside. As durable as solid wood is, it also has a weakness of expansion and contraction when exposed to varying degrees of humidity.

Like a solid wood front door that seems a little more difficult to close in the heat of summer, solid wood closet doors expand when there is high humidity, since they accept more moisture and contract in winter as the air dries. Since most cabinet doors are constructed with struts and rails that frame a central panel, changes in humidity can cause the joints between the rails to move slightly as the wood expands or contracts. The downsides of using some of the more durable materials are that you'll have fewer finishing options and they won't feel the same as natural materials like wood and stone. Simone points out that melamine is a good option to replace the entire box of a kitchen cabinet: “The preferred material for both box brands and for many custom cabinet makers: melamine boxes usually have a chipboard core wrapped in durable and moisture resistant melamine.

While many stores use a white interior for the closet, custom cabinet makers may choose to imitate them with solid wood veins, but with the durability and cost of melamine. Merillat offers exceptional classic and mid-modern cabinets for kitchens. This makes them a great choice not only for homeowners who want durable kitchen cabinets, but who are also looking to adopt that classic kitchen look. Canyon Creek Cabinet Company also offers a wide variety in terms of cabinet options, in addition to their durability.

This includes its Cornerstone line, which features its premium traditional framed cabinets with lots of customizable options. For more than 100 years, Puustelli has been delivering exceptional cabinets at a fair price. In addition to the durability of the Pustelli cabinets (which come with a 30-year warranty), these Scandinavian cabinets are also extremely sustainable. The Puustelli MIINUS line is one of the most popular options for Puustelli customers, with a frame made of biocomposite material that contains zero formaldehyde and low emissions.

In addition to being clean and safe, these cabinets offer the elegant and efficient beauty expected from European kitchens. Born out of a love for clean lines, the need to maximize performance and space, with an eye on high-end value for money, these cabinets offer all of these key needs. Like Puustelli, Aristokraft is also committed to sustainability and is doing its part to ensure that kitchens across the country are more environmentally friendly, in addition to reducing recycling waste. Another great example of how you don't have to sacrifice quality and durability to help save the planet.

Generally speaking, real wood is the most durable. The original wooden cabinets are still used in some of the oldest homes in the country. Both materials can be repainted if necessary. If they are dented or scratched, sand the imperfection and refinish the cabinet.

Red oak is strong, durable and relatively inexpensive for wooden kitchen cabinets. Available in a wide range of styles and finishes, it features pronounced grain patterns and is most often used for traditional cabinet styles. This wood is an option for standard, semi-custom and custom-made cabinets. The most durable kitchen cabinets are those that are made of solid wood.

Cherry and maple are popular choices. They are the most expensive, but they last a long time and look great doing so. Plywood and MDF (medium density fiberboard) are less expensive options. Wooden cabinets are strong, durable and resistant to damage.

Scratches are usually easy to cover or polish. Solid wood can be easily customized to create the type of cabinet door you choose. Wood veneer is reasonably durable (more than laminate, but less than solid wood). It is highly resistant to deformation.

Today's HGT cabinets are more durable than 20 years ago, but they're still somewhat vulnerable. After all, you use the kitchen every day, so it's crucial that your cabinets can handle being used all the time. Kabinet King's Shaker Dove kitchen cabinets feature a light gray painted finish, five-piece Shaker-style doors (two rails, two styles and the center panel) and a ready-to-assemble design. Palmer adds: “Most people would associate stainless steel as a material for commercial kitchens or cafeterias in public buildings, but today it's showing up more in modern-style kitchens.

The following are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best kitchen cabinets: Using sheet metal screws to hang kitchen cabinets is a bad idea, since with sufficient weight, the screw head can penetrate the surface of the wood and affect its integrity. MDF is denser than hardwood and provides a smoother finish without veins, making it ideal if you paint kitchen cabinet doors yourself, for a professional look. Red oak wood is also widely used in kitchen cabinets because of its moderate price, its arched grain patterns and its versatility with styles. Kitchen cabinet materials vary widely, as each reflects a different scale of quality, durability, appearance, and price.

You'll need to choose your cabinet material carefully, based on your kitchen design, color scheme and, of course, your budget.

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