Timeless Kitchen Cabinets: How to Choose the Right Ones

The two most timeless colors of all are black and white. No one can deny the appeal of the bright white cabinets that extend throughout the kitchen, illuminating the entire room and giving it a spacious and refreshing atmosphere. Likewise, black cabinets are just as timeless. Kitchen trends come and go, but some timeless kitchen items never go out of style.

Both traditional Shaker-style kitchen cabinets and more contemporary ones with flat fronts are reliable, while painted and wooden kitchen cabinets are always classic options. We discuss it here in terms of bathrooms. But nickel, chrome and bronze are also fine. The most timeless kitchen furniture color is white.

White cabinets are universally loved by homeowners and tenants. They can be combined with any other color to offer a fresh and clean look in the kitchen and help make your home feel more spacious. I love Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. It's not too bright, so it reads more neutrally and has a slightly gray tint that helps reduce the force that blue can have on cabinets.

I love Olive Grove by Sherwin Williams, as it has a historic touch that goes well in a traditional house, cabin, or modern kitchen door with a flat front. In my book “10 Common Decorating Mistakes That Make Homeowners Regret”, I review the chronology of neutral trends and delve even deeper into how often they change. Most people think that neutrals are timeless. That's true for SOME neutral colors (white, off-white, and taupe), however, most neutrals (brown, black, gray, gray and beige) will look dated in just 5 to 10 years, as these trends change SO quickly.

They create the anchor from which the rest of the kitchen flows, whether your kitchen is L-shaped, kitchen, U-shaped, or built around an island. It's better that you now spend the few thousand additional dollars on top-quality crafts, than paying to redo 80% of your kitchen in a few years because you decided to opt for cheaper cabinets and countertops that just can't hold up. Nowadays, you are more likely to see a kitchen with an island than without it: it has become an essential element of the kitchen that has become an essential element of design. One of the easiest ways to design a kitchen that will stand the test of time is to base your design on kitchens that have stood the test of time.

Given how extensive a kitchen renovation is, you might want to consider hiring a designer instead of relying solely on the kitchen cabinet workshop and its in-house design teams. One of the main decisions when choosing timeless kitchen design elements is whether to opt for a separate or equipped kitchen. Whether your kitchen is a kitchen type, U-shaped, L-shaped, built along a single wall, or open-plan, be sure to consider the classic kitchen triangle when planning the space to determine the most functional relationship between the oven, sink and refrigerator. Shaker-style cabinets never go out of style, which is why you'll see them in most kitchen designs.

Equipped kitchens ensure that you maximize your space down to the last inch, especially if you're going the tailor-made route and, whether they seem independent or not, they're usually better at creating an aerodynamic look in a small kitchen. While classic white is a popular color in kitchen cabinets (and honestly, you can't go wrong with that in terms of style longevity), it's worth using a carefully chosen neutral color such as cream, pale gray, light earthy green, pale blue or beige if you want to create a more individual look without damaging the long-term credentials of the kitchen in the long run. And while painting your bedroom with a different color may not be a big project, painting or changing kitchen cabinets can be expensive and time consuming which is why it would be best to get in touch with a kitchen cabinet expert like Kitchen Cabinetry of Orlando to help you choose.  Whether you choose a shade of wood or a colored finish, consider buying a closet door in the color of your choice so that you can see how it looks with the other colors in your kitchen.

Above one of Gil Schafer's magnificent kitchens shows how it integrates the upper cabinets with the lower cabinets by means of brackets. One of the easiest ways to create a timeless aesthetic in your kitchen is to incorporate decor that is emblematic of kitchens over the decades.

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