How to Choose Easy-to-Clean Kitchen Cabinets

If you want a modern kitchen that is easy to maintain, matte kitchen cabinets are the way to go. They are easy to clean and their only enemy is excess grease, but as long as you clean them regularly, there's nothing to worry about. Paint options can also help make cabinets easier to clean. Choose satin or glossy finishes instead of matte, and avoid artistic techniques such as crackled paint.

To reduce fingerprints and wear and tear on door fronts, use handles and knobs on all cabinets. Stay away from finishes that show fingerprints and water stains, such as stainless steel or chrome. Oil-rubbed bronze, satin bronze, brushed or polished nickel, and white hardware are much easier to maintain. Choose the finish that best suits your kitchen style and design. For the best style of easy-to-clean closet door, the modern tile door with edges is unbeatable.

Slab sheet cabinet doors with edge bands are considered to be one-piece, unlike traditional 5-piece frame and panel doors. The 1-piece veneered slab construction minimizes surface area, making it easy to dust off and clean these doors. Tinted cabinets create warmth and allow the grain and texture of natural wood to be seen, and are easier to touch up if the cabinets are scratched. If you want your kitchen to look better for longer, choose cabinets that camouflage dirt and stains instead of displaying them like white or light-colored paint would. At some point along the line, kitchen cabinets will see splashes, a buildup of kitchen debris, and the usual dust and dirt. In addition to opting for plain doors, as suggested above, also choose a cabinet construction that doesn't include a lot of details or features, such as lightweight rail moldings, brackets, ceiling moldings, and legs or feet for the lower cabinets. Sometimes stains or dirt on your cabinets stubbornly refuse to go away with your daily cleaning regimen.

To minimize cabinet maintenance, remove extra cutouts to reduce the time spent cleaning kitchen cabinets. Install a powerful range hood to expel smoke and grease particles from the kitchen before they reach the cabinets. The TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company IE9 inner edge with its beveled edge combined with an angled OE6, OE15, or OE13 rounded outer edge together with a flat panel provide the easiest closet door style to clean. The recessed end of your cabinet consists of plywood or whatever wood your cabinets are made of which creates a smooth end at the corners and front of the structure. Nothing affects the amount of maintenance and cleaning you should do in your kitchen more than preventive measures to prevent dirt, crumbs, grease and moisture from reaching your cabinets. Fortunately, there are practical ways to minimize cabinet maintenance, and that starts with the right cabinet design.

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